14 February 2014

Tony Award winning singer Lea Salonga to join Il Divo on stage for three legs of the tour!

Today, Il Divo are extremely excited to announce that Tony and Olivier Award winning singer and actress Lea Salonga will be joining them as a guest star on stage for the ‘A Musical Affair’ World Tour shows in Korea, Japan and North America!!

Best known for her Tony Award winning role in Miss Saigon, the nightly concerts will be enhanced by Lea’s powerful voice and perfect pitch in both solo performances and duets with the guys.

Lea Salonga is a Filipina singer/actress best known for originating the Olivier award-winning role of Kim in the West End production of Miss Saigon, then later bringing it to the Broadway stage for which she won a Tony, among other awards. She was also the first Asian to play Eponine in Les Misérables on Broadway, and subsequently returned to the show in 2007 as Fantine.

When asked how she felt about joining Il Divo on tour she said:

I am thrilled to be joining Il Divo as they continue their Musical Affair Tour worldwide. Having such a passion for musical theatre since an early age myself, I cannot imagine a more talented group to join forces with to share these timeless songs with audiences of all ages. And it doesn’t hurt that they are so handsome to look at too.

And the guys are equally excited to have her along for the ride. Sebastien said:

We’ve been following Lea’s extraordinary career for years and are huge fans. It’s an honour that we can finally share a stage and our love of music together for these legs of the tour. We’re looking forward to these enchanting performances.” If you are yet to get tickets for any of the shows, grab them HERE before they completely sell out!" Back to news index


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I don't understand why anyone would be unhappy about the addition of Lea Salonga on lL Divo's tour. When I read the news on this site I was thrilled. I started calling my 3 daughters. They, also, were very excited. We have been big fans of Lea for many, many years. We loved her as Eponine in "Les Mis" and for the singing voice in "Mulan" and "Alladdin". In my opinion she is one of musical theatre's best performers. Maybe the unhappy people have never heard Lea sing. Seeing Lea Salonga and lL Divo on the same stage on the same night is like seeing 2 concerts for the price of one. I would go to the theatre just to see Lea. I don't think (as someone else suggested) Lea Salonga is tagging after lL Divo. She is a star already. If lL Divo wants her touring with them then I'm glad that she will be. See you at Rosemont in April.

I like Lea Salonga very much but as a soloist - not singing with the band. I was terribly disappointed in this "Broadway" album as I expected more songs sung in English and WITHOUT any other female singers. It just doesn't work, guys. Michael Ball - yes - that's a different story - he is up to the standards of Il Divo and sounded great with them on one song (which I already had as I collect Michael Ball's recordings as well). I've not heard any female sing with them that just doesn't ruin the balance and the sound. This was an idea that was tried and I wonder just how successful it has been. This is one fan that doesn't agree with the mix and the resultant sound. I want Il Divo back! Next album, could you try a few more classical numbers - Adagio - a perfect example of how they can sing classical which would be different. This album would have been much more interesting without the females and the non-English lyrics. Broadway is in NYC, we speak and sing in English here. Sorry, I'd like to see them on tour in L. A. area but venues are also not easy to navigate. Very few appearances in our area.

Please see corrected posting.

It is very disappointing to learn that fans must not express how they feel about the choices that IlDivo has been making on this their world tour, we are just to agree what they chose to do, it does not pay to give comments, I found out on the forum, it is not right, because I for one also just like to listen to the four fabulous men that started as the group known IlDivo, why these changes took place, and so short before the start of their tour. I will make the best of it, what else is there to do.

I am sorry I bought my tickets for your Phoenix, AZ concert before you told us you were going to have a female tagging along to fill up your concert. I bought the tickets to hear IL DIVO, not some female. Your voices are great why add the extra voice when you don't need it.

Music Mom

Lea Salonga is an absolutely marvelous choice for a guest artist. Her considerable dramatic abilities and vocal talents are consistent and compatible with those of Il Divo. She is an inspired, a gifted musician, a fine performer, and a lovely person.

We anticipate that she will reprise some of her renditions from "Les Mis" and Miss Saigon. Also... possibly "Defying Gravity" from Wicked? They were powerful and moving performances.

When artists are so equitably matched, the performances can be very compelling and artistically rewarding for both performers and audiences. Of course, everyone is looking forward to hearing and loving Il Divo. They will perform many selections by themselves. And...once Ms. Salonga takes the stage, we know that all audiences will love her, too. She is truly outstanding!

I do not understand and I will not be the only one, why we have to have another female singer with our guys, it seems they just cannot get away from that, I am disappointed really with that move, we just like to listen to the guys, not a fifth voice.