13th August 2014

Sébastien Announced As Ambassador For Children’s Foundation

Il Divo’s Sébastien Izambard has become an Ambassador for the Australian charity, Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation in a bid to help raise awareness of the fatal Sanfilippo Syndrome disease.

Sanfilippo Syndrome (also known as MPSIII) is a genetic condition that affects the metabolism and results in severe damage to the central nervous system.

Founded by Megan and Al Donnell, whose children Isla, 6 and Jude, 3, have been diagnosed with the rare disease, the Sanfilippo Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that dedicates their resources to progressing clinical research.

Seb spoke about the importance of bringing people’s attention to this foundation:

“My family and I had the pleasure to spend time with the Donnell family recently. They are fighting for a cure, and it is close. I love Isla and Jude and want to see them grow up. As a father of three young children myself, l can not watch helplessly. If I were in their position I would be fighting as hard as they are. Now I stand with them and will do everything I can, to help them raise awareness and funds for the proposed clinical trial, which could in fact save Isla and Jude’s life, and many other children that are living with this debilitating and rare disease”.

To read more about Seb’s involvement as an Ambassador, read this article:

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Olá Sebastian, é maravilhoso saber que há pessoas especiais como você que se preocupam com nossas crianças, belíssimo gesto, que o Criador sempre lhe ilumine dando sabedoria para cada vez mais cuidar dos pequenos. Sou uma fã aqui do Brasil, gostaria muito de ir a um espetáculo de IL DIVO, pelos DVD da para imaginar como é maravilhoso, vocês são especiais, os vejo muito mais que tenores e barítonos, os vejo como pessoas amorosas, inteligentes, cultos, que se preocupam com os fãs, esperamos ansiosas uma turnê no Brasil. Um abraço a todos e todo meu carinho.

Good for you Sebastien! Faster would come already in Russia, we are waiting with impatience.

Hello Sebastian ! It's very nice from parts of you to help childhren ! I am very shure in one day this efforts returnes of you 100 %

Thank you, Sebastian, for doing such a wonderful thing on your part, after some scare you had with your last child, you realize that you are very lucky, so God is directing you to help others, it will give you luck in your life, always when you do good things, it will come back to you some time in life, believe me that how it goes, I am in a situation to know how God works in mysterious ways, you will be blessed in life.

God bless you and your family!


well done seb xx

United Kingdom