2nd September 2011

New II Divo Album Announced!

It's the news you've been waiting for. Il Divo are set to release their stunning new album, Wicked Game, on November 28th.

In addition to the title track, other highlights include a beautiful rendering of Roy Orbison's Crying and a heavenly version of Samuel Barber's Adagio For Strings.

The complete track listing is as follows:

1. Wicked Game (Melanchonia) 2. Dove' L'amore 3. Crying (Llorando) 4. Don't Cry For Me Argentina 5. Falling Slowly (Te Prometo) 6. Come What May (Te Amore) 7. Sempre Sempre 8. Time to Say Goodbye 9. Senza Parole 10. Stay (Ven A Mi) ll

Carlos describes the recording of the new album as "unbelievable - you can really hear the evolution. And that connection between us, the way that the combination produces magic, it's stronger than ever."

Urs believes this new album will delight you, the fans, as much as it has them. "We think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done," he states.

The new album will be available in the following formats: The Standard10 track CD, The Gift Edition and The Special Edition – 10 track CD and 50 minute DVD Live in London, filmed at the recent show at the London Coliseum on 2nd August. Click the links to order your copy today!

The Special Edition - includes a beautiful 150 page hardback book, containing stunning black and white reportage photography of Carlos, David, Sebastien and Urs allowing us to get closer than we've been to the band throughout the recording sessions for the album, during their special visit to Japan and preparing for their shows at the London Coliseum. The book also contains photographs of the band as they return to their home countries, inviting us into their own homes to show a little of their lives beyond Il Divo. This package also includes the CD of the new album and a 90 minute DVD Live in London, filmed on the 2nd August at the London Coliseum and including behind the scenes footage of the band following them throughout 2011 in the build up to the release of Wicked Game.

Il Divo will perform Wicked Game, their dramatic reworking of the Chris Isaak classic, on TV in the UK on September 5th on Red or Black and in the US on September 7th on the semi-final of America’s Got Talent. Back to news index


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Hi dears from Greece. I am a great fan of you as I really like classic music and you have done a great job in cmbining classic and modern. Thank you so much. Do you have any plans to visit Greece at all in the future? I would really like to see you live

Hi, Smile :-), I hope all is ok with you!!!

Thanks for "Time to Say Goodbye", in the new albúm.

The name of the new albúm sound strange for me, but I´ll be waiting for it and hear their wonderful voices again!!.

Il Divo: You are in my mind and heart, and congratulations for this work!!!. Smile :-)

i'll be waiting for the return..i hope they could come to Mexico again..for listen a see the special group in the my world..and it's special work obviously make it for II Divo

Hey there!
New album means new tour, so the unceasing question must be asked. Does Republica Dominicana got to that list? Last time (2009) I couldnt go so I would really like to see you perfome here.
Love and blessings

Hi Ginn!
Me too! Don't worry, November will soon be here. I'm a Cutie too! Have you watched the Red or Black video? He looks very handsome, and very happy to be picking a rose from the angel!
Take care

Am waiting, and hoping to buy a copy. Am a dedicated fan, and Cutie.

Okay ladies here's a bit of information for you, Amazon UK have the CD etc to pre order at the following prices
Gift Pack (CD&DVD) £13.99
CD £8.99
Box Set £85.99 !!!! Shock and yes it is exactly the same as the one here, obviously from Amazon it won't be signed.

Just had a look at HMV UK and the prices are the same there.

Take care


I have a question for SakuraDiva... How can I preorder the Special Edition CD?? I really want to get it!!!

My birthday is on september 8th

I am so excited, I just preorder my copy of the special edition Smile It will be my birthday present (8th december)