5th December 2011

IL Divo Live In London DVD.

Watch Il Divo perform live in the magnificent surrounds of the London Coliseum, home of the English National Opera as 'Il Divo: Live in London goes on sale today.

Accompanied by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the 120 minute concert showcases material from their new album, Wicked Game, as well as a few of their much-loved classics, including 'Dov'e L'amore', 'Time to Say Goodbye' and 'Unchained Melody'.

'Il Divo: Live in London' also features a behind the scenes documentary, which follows Seb, Urs, David and Carlos during the recording and promotion of Wicked Game.

You can purchase your copy of 'Il Divo: Live in London' now from any good retailer. Click here to order your copy on DVD & Blu-Ray from Amazon.

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Hola! alguien sabe cuando llega el dvd a Argentina???????? Consegui solo el cd y nadie sabe nada...Lo quierooooo!!!! Gracias!

Hi Tricia! How are you?
I'm from Argentina! What I meant is that I hope you go to visit Paris again someday. I never went to France and do not understand the language, although it seems very sweet!
My Christmas wish is that ID announce tour dates in Argentina to buy the ticket!! It will be my first recital of IL DIVO!
I hope you have a beautiful day!

Hi Guille
Have I understood you correctly, tthat when you say that you hope I come back to Paris soon, that you you are from Paris yourself. I Can guarantee that your English is better than my French. As much as I love France I never had the chance to learn the language other than what I picked up on my holidays staying with french friends. I did also work in France for a short time but both were in the early 80's. Since then I have only been back for a few days. Learning French is something I have always wanted to do, but for one reason or another have not had the chance to do.
On a completely different subject are you planning on going to any concerts next year? I haven't bought a ticket yet but I would love to go to at least one. Haven't decided where yet.
Take care

Fortunately, I have just my Blu ray video and it is on the way. Probably it arrived on Friday or next Monday. It´s a little lasting but I didn´t like the other videos in DVD.

Regards from Mexico

Yo amo il divo y siempre sera haci =D urs, david,sebas,carlos los amo con todo mi corazon. *-*

Hello ladies! How are you?
Nice day here, sunny and warm ... now runs a relaxing breeze.
Sad I have not had time to go buy the Christmas' cd but tomorrow I have to leave for work near the center and will take the occasion! I will listen and get in tune with this beautiful holiday. I love Christmas! On Friday, here is a non-working day and I have to go to the parish to assemble the pecebre!
Tricia, then I will tell you which is my favorite song Smile ... Oh holy nigth I have heard and seen on the DVD of Ancora (Live from Merida) and it's beautiful, you're quite right in what you say. By the way, how nice Paris for honeymoon ... I hope you come back soon and discover new things ...
Dear Paola, a pity that you can not buy your tickets! I agree with you, it's a shame that with so internet and globalization is not possible to send a ticket to the place on the planet that you want ... The man goes to outspace ... and an entry can not go to Sao Paolo!! talking nonsense
Debbie great programming: Michael Buble is married to a girl from Argentina, you know? I hope you enjoy a lot watching the concert ....
Karen, I hope your little one gets better!
CONGRATULATIONS ANNA am very happy that you will have renewed the contract of work! Deserved, you're a lovely person. Smile Smile
María a pleasure to meet each day more!! Women like you make our country a better place!
Take care all, chat later!!!
Guille...Sorry for my english!!!

H ladies.............It's so nice see everybody here. Smile could not have put it better myself...Urs is indeed a very special person on so many levels and I won't bother to repeat what was said as I'm sure all Ubers share the same feelings.Likewise Sirens, Cities and Divas feel the same about their Divos.
It's really unreal how many facets of this man endears him to his fans.

I always felt that because Urs speaks so many languages that he understands more of what they sing and is therefore so much more in tune with the message of the songs.

Karen, I do hope Santa brings you all you desire! Smile
Tricia, so nice to see you on again.I hope you are well.I wish I could visit Paris again. It's been too long.
Sarah I saw your message on face book and sent you a link...Wink
Guille, espero que todo vaya bien.
Anna, Maria y las chicas Argentinas, Katherina, Lara., a special hello.

Going to catch a Michael Buble concert on NBC.Andrea Bocelli gave a lovely one in Central Park on Saturday I think.

Ciao....and take care,


Tricia I hope you do get to Paris soon, ive never been, well not to stay, we have driven through it by accident, not the best plan of ours! and when im driving and have a husband going frantic!



Hi Paola
I am very lucky. I have been to Paris several times. Briefly when I was a lot younger & twice more recently. I got engaged in Paris. My now hubby knew I loved France & took me there for my birthday one year. We went back a year later for our honymoon after we got married. By co-incidence we got married the day before Sebs birthday & arrived in Paris the day of his birthday. I would likke to go back again because it has very special memories for me.

United Kingdom