1st July 2011

Classical Brits Behind The Scenes

On May 12th Il Divo were honoured at this years Classical Brit Awards as Artist of the Decade at London's world famous Royal Albert Hall. Take a look behind the scenes at a fantastic day in the already phenomenal career of group. The band reunited especially for the event which saw a stunning live performance and marked the beginning of the next chapter for il Divo Click here to watch the video. Back to news index


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Happy Birthday!! Late but not forgotten.

A lady on the Forum has made an interesting point regarding the new video. I posted on the news for the Coliseum that there was a video in the similar thread "over there" and where to find it. Then I noticed that it was actually "over here" all the while.
The Divas on the Forum who don't live in the UK couldn't watch their video, and our lovely UK Divas spent time trying to rectify that. However if they had known it was "over here" they could have just watched it wherever they were.
The lady I refer too says that there should be a better link between the website and the Forum. I agree, as people don't automatically think to look in two places for information. It also makes it seem a little bit "us and them", and I'm sure that's not the case but that's how it feels sometimes. We'd like to air our views as much as they'd like to watch the new videos.
Anyway, (puts soap box back where she found it) hope everyone has a lovely day today whichever side you post on! And to the lady on the forum, hope you don't mind that I put you view "over here" but I can't register with the Forum to agree with you "over there".
Take care

URS Happy Birthday!!!!! I hoped that you had a good day!!! Kisss. Silvina

URS Happy Birthday!!!!! I hoped that you had a good day!!! Kisss. Silvina

My apologies Urs for not sharing your day yesterday. I quite simply forgot. So Happy belated Birthday, I hope you had a magical day. x

Just so divas are aware, there is a brand new article on the guys on published calling them a manband!!!!!!!!!!!!! if some could post to the forum i'd be grate|ful (not a member yet). it was published today 20 July.enjoy divas!

Hi all

I was just watching a video of Il Divo and Leona Lewis singing 'Somewhere'
Simon Cowel was there watching he looked so proud bless him, he sure can pick the amazing ones. Hope all gone well with the final touches to the album can't wait to hear it
Love to Il Divo Sarah xx

Vill Glück zum Geburri Urs!! Party

Erfolg und Segen für euch und küsse aus Venezuela. Wir warten auf Sie!

Eine umarmung und enorme viele Küsse. Big smile

María Victoria Iamartino D.

Hello Urs

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for you today
I hope your dreams come true
Happy times and sunny days
Are drifting up your way
Love your singing
Love your voice
Il Divo please come visit Cornwall!!!!

Can't say I didnt try
Take Care Sarah xx

Dear Urs :
On this special day for you I wish you much happiness and affection, also thanks you for your beautiful voice, from Chile sent you many kisses and love.

with much admiration Roxana